Campsite surf

Sunêlia offers you to surf during your camping holidays in France: Have fun on the most beautiful surf spots in France!


Some are among the most famous in the world of surfing, we think in particular the Basque Country and the Landes coast. Moreover, the Landes welcome every year the famous competition Quicksilver Pro, between the months of September and October. It can also be likened to a world championship surfing, which is to say the level! Many legendary surfers have walked the French beaches, including Nat Young, Mickey Dora, Gary Elkerton and Tom Curren. What was their common point? Simply be snagged with long tubular waves and try to surf on the very mythical wave of Guéthary. If you want to discover surfing, improve or participate in competitions, Sunêlia campsites are the place for this! We have a large number of campsites in the immediate vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean. Through partnerships established with surf schools get discounts when you book equipment. Courses will also be taught by qualified teachers, they will be an opportunity for you to improve and then enjoy your board. Traditional surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, everything will be allowed! Teachers will help you choose the most suitable board for your level and the best size according to the conditions of the waves and the wind. Many surf schools are certified by the French Surf Federation which supervises the practice of water sports. Choose the formula adapted to your needs and desires: course or course of surfing, initiation or improvement, you will learn the practice of Stand Up Paddle, Surf, Longboard, Bodyboard on secure surf spots for your level, thanks to educational instructors. If you are a fan of surfing but want to travel without your boards, you can also rent your surfboard, paddle or longboard. To you the joys of swell and take off.


All you have to do is let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and dominate the power of the Atlantic Ocean!

Surf stay in the Basque Country

There is no more exceptional place than the Basque Country to practice surfing. To surf is to be free, to enjoy life and above all to live things fully! The Basques do not live in the half-measure, they live passionately! You will notice it soon enough, they talk passionately about their country, their heritage and their culture. You will enjoy sublimations, you will spend afternoons playing Basque pelota and you will go in the mountains hiking. The Basque Country is also a special relationship with the ocean, here the wind is strong, the sea is rough. It's the same raging sea that makes it one of the most famous places in the world, a true paradise for surf lovers! Go to Sunêlia Berrua, located just a few kilometers from Biarritz it will be for you the opportunity to admire a preserved nature and especially to face the blades of white foam that will come your way. Whether you are an experienced surfer or beginner you will inevitably find the wave that will make you dream, the one you may be able to master!

Ride the Atlantic Coast in search of the best spots

There is of course not that in Biarritz that the surf is very popular, fortunately for this city and for the Ocean! To avoid traffic jams on the water, why not simply wander the Atlantic Coast and surf near the most beautiful beaches in France. Our campsites, dotted all along the Atlantic Coast, will allow you to find excellent spots, beachbreak as the Americans call them. From Brittany to the Spanish border no doubt you will live magical moments in a campsite with direct beach access!