Campsite archery

Do you want to introduce yourself to unusual activities during your holidays? Sunêlia campsites offer you the chance to discover archery!


Archery is one of the oldest practices. First practiced for hunting, then for war and now as a sport, archery is a practice full of advantages. First of all, thanks to archery you can build your entire body and of course take colors, it is practiced both indoor and outdoor. At Sunêlia it is obvious that all this will be under the sun! It can also be practiced by anyone, young and old will find their account. Our specialized instructors will allow you to discover this sporting practice in complete safety. The little ones will believe in the Middle Ages and the older ones will try to match the talent of Robin Hood. Finally, practicing archery allows you to get rid of stress by focusing on only one goal: the center of your target. It will also be the occasion for you to spend a moment in family, in full nature, in peace and good humor. Among all the Sunêlia campsites, more than a dozen will allow you to practice archery, the most appreciated by our customers are the Domaine de Champé, in Lorraine, and the Logis d'Orres in the Hautes Alpes .

Practice archery in Lorraine

Archery requires relaxation and concentration, the Domaine de Champé will be the ideal place for this. Nestled in the heart of the Vosges mountains, just a few kilometers from Alsace and its famous wine route, it will allow you to practice this sport in peace. The field of Champé is surrounded by a wooded park of nearly 5 hectares, crossed by a small river and by the Moselle it will be a true cocoon of relaxation and well-being. Open all year round it will be the opportunity for you to shoot arrows at targets at any time of the year. Whether you choose the autumn red, the winter white or the spring green we will be there to welcome you warmly. After your archery session do not forget to swim in one of the many Vosgian lakes or in one of the rivers passing near the campsite, this will be an opportunity for you to relax your muscles and start again more beautiful the next day!

And if your arrows reach the peaks of the Hautes Alpes?

The title is a bit provocative but the Hautes Alpes are of course an excellent place to practice archery. Very peaceful, heavily wooded and uncrowded they will be an opportunity for you to indulge in your favorite hobby or just discover the joys of archery. The Logis d'Orres welcome you all year long in the heart of a mountain range. In the winter, after an archery session, you can take advantage of it for a ride on skis or snowshoes. In summer, weather permitting, all you have to do is float on the lake of Serre-Ponçon. Whatever time you come to let your gaze get lost on the surrounding nature. The Alpine peaks are among the most beautiful in Europe! If you are young parents do not hesitate to entrust your little blonde head to the nursery "Les Pitchounets", it will welcome children from 6 months to 5 years while you discover the surroundings.