Campsite hiking

Coastal trekking, trekking on GR, walking in the forest or on the trail of shepherds ... the regions are discovered step by step thanks to the Sunêlia campsites!


This is a popular practice since it does not require or little equipment, only a pair of shoes, walking sticks and what to eat and drink will be needed. The hike will be an opportunity for you to spend a family friendly time, take the time to enjoy the moment and especially to discover the soul of the region where you are, its wonders and its riches. From a few hours to a whole day it is practicable by all and allows you to discover the country in another way. Exit the car and hello the walking shoes! You will be able to relax and enjoy the landscape economically and ecologically during your hiking holidays. At the sea, in the countryside or at the edge of a lake it will be an opportunity for you to enjoy beautiful views. Whatever your level, whether you are an accomplished sportsman or simply a Sunday hiker, a ride adapted to your fitness awaits you. Our campsites, nestled in the heart of nature, will be true paradise for hikers, they will be the guarantee for you to live many hours of wonder and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Do not forget to board an outfit to throw you in the water, most of our campsites are near rivers, lakes or larger expanses of water (Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea), it will be an opportunity for you to relax a little and then go on an adventure, get ready to make countless discoveries in camping hiking! Also remember to take all the hiker's equipment: hat, sweat shirt, sock, trail shoes, backpack, sleeping bag, matela, stove, satellite phone, handkerchief, ...

Many excursions and excursions in Ardèche

The Ardèche is a beautiful department for hikers. Thanks to a particularly well-preserved nature and a low human concentration you can enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna. The department is also crossed by many water courts and a few waterfalls, we think in particular of the waterfalls of Ray Pic. Equip yourself with a good pair of shoes and go on an adventure. You will discover it soon by yourself, the ardéchois are extremely warm and welcoming, discuss with them and discover all of their customs. During your hikes, do not hesitate to make the detour by the Pont d'Arc and to ask you in one of the many inns Ardèche. You can enjoy one of the many local specialties, filet mignon in the forest sauce, chicken chestnut supreme chestnut, duck breast with blueberry sauce or salad ardéchoise will be perfect to invigorate you and leave in top form! The Domaine des Ranchisses is waiting for you!

Family walk in the Hautes Pyrenees

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees Sunêlia The Three Valleys is a paradise for hikers. From a hike of only a few kilometers to a hike that will last several days you will find necessarily the course that suits you! The paths you will cross will have everything to please you: calm, nature and sun, you will leave inevitably with memories full of the head! Be careful, do not make too much noise, very early in the morning you could cross a few marmots, just be discreet! During your hikes, do not hesitate to take some material with you and to be accompanied by a guide. Many activities are possible near Sunêlia The Three Valleys. Climbing, caving, mountain biking, canyoning, there will be something for everyone. After your long day of adventure enjoy the 2000 m² of water space to relax and leave again the next day!


Hiking is also in winter, during a weekend or more, enjoy your ski holidays to indulge in the joys of hiking in the most beautiful ski resorts in France, you will necessarily find a Sunelia campsite open in winter that will welcome you for your holidays in the mountains. The appointment, family skiing, hiking, thalasso, a lot of escape for winter holidays to explore the hike.