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Sunêlia La Presqu'île

7.9/10 (2/400 reviews)
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Positive points

The Stunning location, the reception house and the Bar/Restaurant

Area for improvement

The Basic Facilities were 1 star not 5 star as claimed in your advertising. The basic facilities were extremely poor. There are two washing and toilet blocks. We used the facility up the hill not the one by the restaurant. One of the two toilet blocks had all the toilets locked and unable to gain access. Both men and women used the same toilet facility. There was only one communeral toilet roll, none of the toilets had seats, there was no soap, only a sanitiser which was so thick and oily it needed to be washed off once back in the motorhome. At 7.00am every morning the cleaner would close this toilet block for 30 minutes while he cleaned the facility. So at one of the peak times of the day the whole facility was closed - appalling. To rinse your hands there was only cold water. Where is your basic hygiene best practice, particularly after we have only 12 months ago we have emerged from a pandemic. The showers were not good either, the water was luke warm at best with no temperature control on the shower head. In terms of the other on site care the weeds are 60-70cms high all over the site. A lawn mower and strimmer was not seen all the time we were there. The electricity posts need to be all over the site not just some ageing old electricty post on the tout comfort pitches.The electricity leads which stretch endlessly across roads are nothing but a trip hazard Wifi is supposed to be available on site. This is only available with some degree of uncertainty at the restaurant bar area. In full sunlight screens cannot be seen and the cursor cannot be found. We go to many other sites as large or larger than your one at Savinnes las Lac and they have no problem providing site wide wifi or they provide a small hub unit foc. We have two dogs. There was one post with some poo bags on it but no bins. No-one came round to collect any poo that other campers had left behind. Ironically the only litter bins for placing the bagged waste was on the grass in front of the restaurant. An area where dogs were banned from. If you want to advertise yourself as a 5 star site you need to do very much better than what you are achieving as currently the facilities are struggling to hit 1 star. Its the basics that people want, not the glossy reception area. We won't be coming back. It is no wonder the rise of wild camping is increasing at such a rate when facilities like yours are offered. What exactly what were we paying 40 euros a night for - the view - which many were getting for free along the road in numerous parking areas with motorhomes parked there.

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Positive points

Friendly staff, great variety of pitches, excellent facilities.

Area for improvement

Better motorhome service area.

Water park