Campsite for teens


At Sunêlia we have thought of you, parents, children, but especially teenagers.

Come quickly discover the teenagers at Sunêlia, they will allow your young people to have fun in complete freedom and you, spend relaxing days between adults or with your youngest children.

Teens need to work hard, they are demanding and above all, they need freedom. All this is possible at Sunêlia. They can play football, do basketball games and have fun in night clubs until the early morning. The motto is fun and we understand it. Our animators will organize a maximum of events so that teens can enjoy their holidays. From sports tournaments to pizza evenings there will be something for everyone. It will be an opportunity for them to make new friends and go on an adventure, without having their parents on their backs.

It will be for you the chance to maintain different relationships with your teens, let them breathe, they are on vacation, no more dad too strict and the mother too invasive! If your young people need to take a dip in the pool they benefit, we have water spaces for this in each of our campsites. If the need to relax under a tree is felt, after an evening with friends, they will necessarily find a place to rest. All our campsites are in natural and unspoiled places, here everything is fun and relaxation! As you will understand, Sunêlia offers a wide range of family campsites with teen club.