Campsite Lorraine


Lorraine is a region located in the North-East of France, which has had a turbulent history, just like its neighbour, Alsace. Despite the various conflicts that have affected the region, including the last two world wars, it still has an exceptional cultural and architectural heritage! Choosing to spend a stay in Lorraine means choosing a stay in the countryside, or in the middle mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities! You will be able to discover its sweetness of life and its many local products.

What to do on site

If you choose to visit us at Domaine de Champé, our campsite in Lorraine, a certain number of visits seem essential to us. One of the first places to visit, whether or not you are a history buff, will of course be the city of Verdun. This was the scene of fierce fighting during the Great War and is today a place of meditation both for the French and for our friends from across the Rhine. During your visit to Verdun, make an appointment without delay at the famous underground citadel. These are galleries dug between 1886 and 1893 but were also used during the First World War. The total length was originally 4km and eventually reached 7km at the end of the war. Lorraine is not only about war, of course, there are also a number of mythical places to visit. One of the highlights of the Lorraine region is of course the Château de Malbrouck. Located on the border of Germany and Luxembourg, it has a large number of architectural and historical attractions. This castle, which was built in the 15th century, is in an incredible state of conservation! You can relive five centuries of history in Lorraine. The other castle worth a visit is of course the Château des Lumières in Lunéville. This castle, three centuries old, is directly inspired by the palace of Louis XIV. It has belonged to the Lorraine Departmental Council since 2001 and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, it is a real masterpiece! Finally, Lorraine is also a region of sumptuous landscapes, each one more sumptuous than the next! You can go to the Vosges, a medium mountain region where it is definitely good to live! It will be possible for you to do a large number of hikes, mountain bike rides or canoe trips. Don't forget, during your stay in the Vosges, to pass by Gérardmer and its famous lake, in summer it is the ideal place to stroll and rest by the water. We look forward to helping you discover this magnificent region where Champé, camping de France, is located! See you soon at Domaine de Champé (Vosges campsite) for a camping stay in the heart of the Vosges.

The most beautiful campsites in Lorraine

To satisfy the thousands of holidaymakers who come to the Far East or the Lorraine region, the authorities and the various tourist operators in this region have set up different structures. There are thus very varied hosting solutions. Tourists can choose to stay in a starred hotel or in a simple country inn. Similarly, they can opt for a private villa or accommodation in a campsite in order to benefit from all the additional services of this holiday destination. This is a particularly interesting choice if you want to discover nature.

Indeed, the most beautiful campsites in Lorraine, such as Domaine de Champé, are located in exceptional places. This campsite, which is offered by Sunelia, is located in the heart of the Vosges mountains, for example. It occupies an area of 4.8 hectares on which you can admire a small river, unusual and welcoming accommodation, as well as a relaxing wooded area and other infrastructure.

Campsites with swimming pool in Lorraine

The layout of a swimming pool with hot water is one of the most sought-after criteria for holidaymakers and tourists coming to the Lorraine region. They are looking for destinations that can give them full satisfaction in terms of accommodation, but also in terms of activities. So if the area does not have a water park or swimming pool, it is unlikely to attract visitors.

This is why Camping Domaine de Champé has designed a water park open to all its tenants. This relaxation area is not only used for water sports activities, but also for games and various competitions organised by the site's animators during the holidays. It has therefore become one of the main driving forces in the life of the campsite. It can even be considered as the heart of the activities of this holiday destination.

Mobile home rental in the North East of France

While the activities are important, a pleasant stay can only be enjoyed if you are in a comfortable place. Accommodation is therefore one of the most important topics to consider during the holidays. Those who opt for camping have the possibility to choose between several accommodation solutions, including mobile homes. This is a rather unusual solution, but it is also typical and traditional for camping holidays. This type of accommodation allows you to spend a stay in a comfortable place and in a natural environment. Indeed, mobile homes are always installed in an isolated, wooded park in the heart of nature. In this way, holidaymakers who love nature can stay in a quiet and serene place where they will have the chance to recharge their batteries and free themselves from their daily stress.

5-star campsites in Lorraine

The main advantage of camping Domaine de Champé presented by Sunelia is its five stars. It is therefore considered a prestigious destination. To deserve these stars, the campsite provides its customers with quality facilities, top-of-the-range services and a staff that is attentive to their expectations and desires.

In addition to its ideal location, the campsite also offers many assets to guarantee a successful holiday. There are shops, restaurants, bars, but also various places to admire nature, and infrastructures for lovers of idleness as well as for lovers of a festive atmosphere. Everyone will find what they are looking for at Domaine de Champé.