Les Sablons - Water Park

Water Park - Les Sablons

Two different atmospheres to cater for 2 different types of customer.  At the beginning, nobody could quite believe it: “Apparently it’s not the done thing to separate children from their parents! “ But we did it all the same. And it works!

First of all because you can still swim with your children; that’s the whole point of the water park. It’s the bigger of the 2 aquatic areas with 5 pools:

  • there's a paddling pool for the little ones who are still “under our feet”! 
  • there’s another 500m² pool for the high-spirited to stop them from bugging us!
  • and there’s a 200m² covered pool for those rare days when it’s not sunny
  • 1 semi-Olympic pool, reserved for length swimming in the mornings
  • A landing pool with 5 slides and a jacuzzi.

Every morning Paul or one of his team members runs a 1 hour aqua aerobics session - it’s a good job it’s not any longer! Several times a week, we organize fun water games. During our Olympic Games, for example, we arrange an obstacle course over inflatables. There are water polo matches and friendly swimming competitions where you can compete against neighbours and guests that you may not otherwise have met.

And for adults (we use wristbands to identify different groups) we have created a pool unlike any other. Everyone who sees it is amazed. 3 raised jacuzzis, including 2 with seating.