Campsite Ghisonaccia


Ghisonaccia is a French municipality located in the department of Haute-Corse. Like most Corsican localities, this is a relatively sparsely populated area, with only 4000 inhabitants registered in 2013. On the other hand, once the summer comes, it is an extremely popular place for tourists, as is the whole beauty island.

What to do in Corsica in Ghisonaccia

No need to travel all over the island to find magical places for your holidays, everything is on site! The church of Ghisonaccia will certainly be one of the main places to see during your stay. It is a relatively modern church, since it has at most forty years of existence, and has a rather original interior decoration, this one was decorated by N. Giannakakis at the beginning of the 1980s, strongly inspired by the Byzantine churches, a sure change of scenery. Ghisonaccia is also a huge beach on which a number of "marinas" have settled, which continuously shelter about 4000 tourists during the summer period, which doubles the number of inhabitants in the municipality during the summer. To the north of Vignale beach you can also visit the Pinia estate. This is a vast area that is still wild and marshy and where we find the so-called Pinia beach. It is also registered at the Conservatoire du Littoral, which prevents any real estate developer from creating a program there. You will mainly be able to access this area by land, on foot. Finally, the Urbino pond will be the last place to visit in Ghisonaccia. It is the second largest pond in Corsica and the largest in the eastern part of the beauty island. It is accessible by road, at the end of a dead-end road. You can hike about 5 kilometres all around. Other places of interest such as Marquiliani Earl, the Old Ghisonaccia Station or the Cave Coop Vinic St Antoine are within walking distance. Of course, our campsite in Ghisonaccia is an excellent starting point for a hike (A Sarradà Randonnées) and for all your escapades on the beauty island. A large number of towns and villages deserve your attention in Corsica, we think in particular of the very famous Calvi, Bastia, Bonifacio or Ajaccio. The interior is particularly peaceful and the beaches are among the most beautiful in France. As for the surroundings of Ghisonaccia, you will find other charming small towns such as Aléria, Aghione, Pietroso and Ghisoni, as well as the beach of Arinella. Fun Orizonte even animates Ghisonaccia with all kinds of activities to do with family, couples or friends, from quad bikes to jet skis! And the most adventurous among you will be able to enjoy superb views of the region and enjoy unforgettable memories thanks to the parachute jumps offered by Corse Parachutisme Tandem...

The most beautiful campsites in Ghisonaccia

Among the accommodation solutions in Ghisonaccia are camping sites. While these establishments have different stands and are all adapted to particular expectations in terms of services and budget, holidaymakers tend to say that residence U Livanti is the best in this part of Corsica. It is an address particularly selected by those who love the beach. Indeed, this residence is located on the edge of the large beach of Portigliolo, between the Corsican mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a perfect holiday destination for everyone: family, friends, and lovers.

Renting a cottage by the sea

Finding a place to sleep is a priority before going on holiday. If you choose Corsica as a holiday destination, you have several choices in terms of accommodation. But if you are particularly keen to spend a stay in nature on the island of beauty, you might as well book at U Livanti, a peaceful natural setting far from the noise of the neighbourhood. You will travel light since their cottages are fully equipped and offer you the necessary comfort for a successful stay. However, remember to book your rental in advance at the risk of being put on the waiting list, especially in high season in destinations as popular with holidaymakers as Corsica, and more precisely Propriano. This place is one of the favorite places for tourists.