Campsite Piedmont


Piedmont is a region located in northwestern Italy, it is the Italian part with the largest common border with France. With nearly 4.5 million inhabitants, it is one of the most populated regions in Italy, the regional capital of Turin, home to a large part of the population. The particularity of this region is that it is almost exclusively surrounded by mountains and hills: the Alps and Monte Rosa, which makes it a choice destination at any time of the year.

What to do in the North West of Italy

During your camping stay in Piedmont a number of places will be worth visiting. The first, and most important, is Turin, the regional capital, in our opinion. You should spend at least two or three days there to visit the city's main monuments. One of the most pleasant areas of Turin is its old town, with its luxury shops and the famous Via Roma. From there you can reach Piazza Castello and then Palazzo Madama, a prestigious royal residence. Turin, thanks to its proximity to Switzerland, is also a city where chocolate makers are very present, you can taste one of the great local culinary specialities, Gianduja chocolate. When leaving Turin, do not hesitate to make the detour to Cuneo and its surroundings. Located only 130km from Nice, this is a beautiful city! If you go there on Tuesday, you can visit the market in Piazza Galimberti. It is a 20,000m² square surrounded by arcades, it's simply magnificent! Finally, Piedmont is also home to many sublime mountain landscapes. Whether you go there in the winter to ski and snowboard or in the summer to hike or mountain bike, you won't be disappointed! We look forward to seeing you for a camping trip in Piedmont, don't forget your walking shoes and sunscreen!

The most beautiful campsites in Piedmont

To enjoy a holiday in Piedmont, you obviously have to choose your accommodation carefully. If this territory is very vast and there are several places to sleep, campgrounds stand out by offering great accommodation as close as possible to nature.

For those who wish to spend a stay in a rather lively place, in a city or in an important city, the hotel is recommended. But to stay in a quiet and quiet environment, away from the noises of the city centre, a mobile home or a chalet in a campsite is an excellent choice.

Campsites with swimming pool around Turin

Campsites are among the best places to spend your holidays. These are generally calm and serene places, located in natural environments. They allow you to do several activities at the same time. But one of the most important attractions of a campsite is the swimming pools and water parks. Those that do have them are generally among the best campsites in the region.

The entertainment team also has an important role and sometimes offers many sporting and recreational activities to boost the holidays of tenants.

To find a campsite with a swimming pool that suits you in Piedmont, use the name of the region as the main keyword with swimming pool and campsite. Why not specify paddling pool, heated pools, indoor pools, according to your needs.

Renting a mobile home in Piedmont

If you go camping in Piedmont, you have a good chance of staying in a mobile home. This is the perfect camping rental. Both comfortable and close to nature, this compromise is attracting more and more holidaymakers.

Available in several ranges and models, the prices of mobile homes in Piedmont are also adapted to small and large budgets, couples and families, making it a very practical generalist accommodation. Not to mention that their equipment offers a very good basic comfort and allows for light travel, another significant advantage.