Last updated May18th, 2020

We are all in a very exceptional situation because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Sunêlia is facing this unprecedented crisis with one priority: ensuring the safety of its customers and its teams. In accordance with the directives of the governments of each country in which we are present, we have postponed the opening dates between 06/02/2020 and 06/19/2020.

Consult the opening dates planned for our campsites

If your stay is booked after the reopening dates: it is therefore well maintained. Sunêlia is following the situation closely and will notify you by e-mail or SMS if it changes.

If you have booked a stay during the closing dates of a campsite: no action is required on your part. We will contact you by SMS or email to

What solutions can we offer to you if your booking isn't available anymore?

1. Postponement of your stay

If you already know your next holidays’ dates, we will postponed your stay on these dates. Your initial deposit will be used et we will get back to you for the final balance 30 days before your arrival day. If this new booking happens to be cheaper or higher, amounts collected or to be collect will be adjusted.

2. Credit note issuing

If you are facing one of our campsite’s lockdown and don’t know your next travelling dates, you will receive an email with a credit note. The amount of this voucher will be equal to the deposit initially paid so you will be able to book a new stay in the same Sunêlia in the next 18 months.

We are sincerely thinking of you and your relatives in this exceptional situation. We wish for this to end as quick as possible and can’t wait to welcome you again soon.

For further informations, our advisers remain at your disposal at +33 (0)5 57 57 14 33 60

Reopening dates of Sunêlia Campsites

Due to the current health crisis, these dates are subject to change
Last updated April 30, 2020

Sunêlia Aluna Vacances : 12/06/2020
Sunêlia Domaine de la Brèche : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia L'Hippocampe : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia La Ribeyre : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Le Ranc Davaine : 12/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Ranchisses : 11/06/2020
Sunêlia Domaine de Champe : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Les 3 Vallées : 20/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Logis d'Orres : 04/07/2020
Sunêlia Berrua : 19/06/2020
Sunêlia Col d'Ibardin : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Interlude : 26/06/2020
Sunêlia L'Atlantique : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia L'Escale Saint-Gilles : 26/06/2020
Sunêlia La Pointe du Médoc : 26/06/2020
Sunêlia Le Fief : 12/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Embruns : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Oyats : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Domaine de la Dragonnière : 19/06/2020
Sunêlia Le Mas des Lavandes : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Le Clos du Rhône : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Pins : 02/06/2020
Sunêlia Les Sablons : 31/05/2020
Sunêlia Perla di Mare : 27/06/2020
Sunêlia Rubina Resort : 03/07/2020
Sunêlia Villaggio Dei Fiori : 15/06/2020