Mas des Lavandes - Children

Children - Mas des Lavandes

A true family campsite at heart, the Mas des Lavandes at Valras Plage is largely dedicated to the happiness of your children. Special equipment, workshops and activities, our staff are here to ensure  that your child’s stay with us remains one of their best holiday memories ever.

Mini Club

Open to children from 5 to 12 years of age, the Mini Club offers many fun supervised activities : the playground, the wooden chateau on stilts or the tubular slide, a rope footbridge, climbing walls and  swings. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Creative and passionate, our team has papers, felts, modeling clay, pencils and paintings in their cupboards ready to be used, your children will have great fun in plastic art workshops of all kinds : drawing, painting and modeling are on the program. There is also a make-up workshop. Finally, among the great classics of everyday camp life, there are dressing-up sessions, singing and dancing lessons (for preparing the evening show) treasure hunts and paper chases. And let's not forget the sports tournaments!