Quality Labels

Your successful holiday is our priority!

To do this, Sunêlia makes two key commitments: the quality of our offering and the variety of our leisure proposals.
Quality is expressed by Sunêlia in the number of “ladybirds” awarded and this number is based on a rigorous audit of 528 criteria and the analysis of more than 12,000 customer satisfaction cards. All our sites are also Qualité Tourisme certified. More than 90% of our customers are currently satisfied or very satisfied with their holidays and say that they would recommend Sunêlia to their friends and family.

We also know that variety is a key point for the success of your holiday because each Sunêlia customer is unique too! So we offer activities that meet the needs of each customer across our campsites: playing sport, relaxing, having fun, discovering a region or catching up with friends or family, the reasons for choosing our campsites are endless and we are working to try to satisfy everyone.